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Why invest in SAT Prep?

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

Do I have to go to college? Obviously, the answer is, NO. However, there are good reasons to attend college, depending on your career goals. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, etc. must go to college. But, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in 2016, someone with a high school degree earned only 60% of what a college graduate in the same field earned. In some fields, employees with college degrees are less likely to be let go during an economic downturn.

College students make friends and connections that may prove valuable throughout their careers. Statistics also show that if you go to college your children and grandchildren are more likely to go. And the college experience gives you an opportunity to explore many different fields of interest in order to help you decide on a career path.

Is it true that you don’t have to take the SAT to get into college? YES, that is true. Community colleges and some four-year schools no longer require any admissions tests. But most schools still consider the SAT (or ACT) an important part of the admissions process. SAT scores may help an admissions committee choose between students with similar grades and extra-curricular activities. And, SAT scores may give a student confidence that they are able to do the work required in college courses. Plus (and this is REALLY important), many scholarships require specific SAT scores.

High schools, even college prep and expensive private high schools, teach the group in a class as a whole. They are not equipped to spend much time with individual students to improve their test taking skills, their vocabularies, their essay writing skills, etc. If a student isn’t on a par with most of the other students in their class, they may find themselves making decent grades, but not developing the skills they need for college.

That’s where tutoring for the SAT comes in! At Ready SAT Go, I take the time to get to know a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and to tailor a program specifically for that student. Perhaps, reading comprehension is lowered by a poor vocabulary. Perhaps, a student has never been shown how to effectively plan an essay. Perhaps, they need additional math practice. Ready SAT Go can fill in those gaps. And I do it at a very competitive price. Schedule an evaluation to see how I might can help you!

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